The area of logo design is always a favourite with designers, requiring only an idea, pencil and layout pad to quickly rough out initial concepts. Computer software at this stage only serves to stifle the natural flow from mind to paper… but essential at a later stage in fine tuning designs and experimenting with fonts and different colourways, 

I have been fortunate to have designed over 500 logos, many of which are still looking as fresh today as when they were first designed. A good logo, devoid of current trends and faithful to the subject it represents, should be timeless. I strongly advise clients to avoid the temptation of complete rebrands, as there is always potential to modernise a good logo with the occasional tweak – the ‘Shell’ company logo is an excellent example of this, having originally been a picture of a shell. Likewise the ‘Ford’ logo remains exactly the same only being modernised in the materials it is often reproduced in.

It is the responsibility of a good to deiger to ensure that a chosen design works across all media, materials and applications, both in mono and colour. 

A logo for my previous design company based on AB initials to form the pencil
Image for Cardiff University annual conference
Complete rebrand for Exeter College
Logo for Exeter’s leading catering company
Logo for an ocean going yacht