Exeter gateway signs

When I was asked to design and illustrate the ten new ‘Gateway’ signs that have
been placed on main roads leading into Exeter, I felt it was a great honour and a privilege, particularly as the signs will be in place for many years to come. They have met with much positive response and generated considerable publicity for the city and for myself. The rugby player sign at Sandygate roundabout, just off the M5, has proved a great favourite of many who drive past every day. And, if arguably not quite as glamorous a location, the images can also be seen on the sides of Exeter’s refuse lorries. As they say, ‘All publicity is good publicity’.

This project has also led to further similar commissions for Exeter Science Park.

I was also commissioned to create a sign for the gateway to Magdalen Road, a
unique, characterful street of independent shops, cafés and businesses. The Guardian newspaper has listed Magdalen Road as one of the ten coolest
shopping streets around the world… best visit the street to make your own mind up.