Aylwyn Bowen

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The two image above are available as postcards from Exeter Museum. If you are interested in larger prints, framed or unframed, please email me.

The Exeter Poster As featured on the front cover of Exeter Living magazine, the poster is available framed or unframed in a range of sizes.  Please email me to find out more.


Padstow Poster. This poster was originally created for Rick Stein’s shops in Padstow. If you are interested in a print, framed or unframed, please contact me direct.

The original artwork for my posters is created in Adobe Illustrator as a vector file, ensuring that the images are ‘pin-sharp’ at any size.



Museum Poster

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Dartmoor Woodblock


Exeter Poster

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Padstow Poster


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What a card?

What a card?

Check out my page of bespoke, personalised cards for company special occasions – Christmas, retirement and leaving momentos. CLICK HERE to visit the page.