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3D/ Product/Packaging

Product Development  –Autoscan is a fully automatic system designed to scan and record the hire and return condition of vehicles in order to resolve any damage liability. From the outset I was fully involved in designing the image for the product as well as devising easy to understand visual graphics directing drivers through the system. As the product was multi-national, the brief required that no wording was used.  


Product DesignGraphic design often extends into 3D, surface and product design, where a wide knowledge of materials, production processes and construction methods is essential when working alongside engineers and manufacturers, or when larger cost implications are involved.



PackagingThere are endless considerations a designer needs to bear in mind with packaging design; often a process works backwards from customer research and the needs of the retailer. Practical implications, such as protection in transit, mandatory safety requirements, production processes and security, and the incorporation of nutritional symbols and  bar codes, all add up to a very complex area of graphic design.





Museum Poster

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Dartmoor Woodblock


Exeter Poster

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Padstow Poster


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What a card?

What a card?

Check out my page of bespoke, personalised cards for company special occasions – Christmas, retirement and leaving momentos. CLICK HERE to visit the page.